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So just for today, i will not hide my true face is pages of make up, i will not straighten my hair for 3 hours a day, to make it look flawless,  i will not starve my self for oneday to try and keep skinny today i will not wear waterproof mascara because if i need to cry, i need to cry. and knowone, can stop me. every morning i do all of that to impress a guy, who doesnt’ give a fuck. a guy who i only exists to. when’ he’s board or alone. or wants something, this is the boy i have my first kiss to . and the next day he didn’t remember me. The guy who made me loess all my friends apart from a few, the guy who makes cry as soon as i get home and my bag hits the floor. also i’m doing this to every girl who feels the exact same, just because a girl wears her skirts to short, and wears piles of make up, don’t judge don’t automatically think she’s a slut. because she looks like one you could be wrong, so just for today i will my self. and if you don’t like me for the real me, then you need to sit the fuck. but well you should because love is louder then pressure to be perfect. 

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